Witty and Urbane: Multi-venue Event

June 28, 2015
11:00 am

Witty and Urbane’s  multi-venue event in conjunction with the exhibition curated by Kristi Lippire was a huge success, even Art in America posted the events on their website that day.  It started with a screen printing workshop by Melissa Manfull at the Fellows office and ended with studio visits at the converted El Sereno (translation: the nightingale) post office where Ms Lippire has her work space.

Shown below is the map of the events created by Melissa Manful and several photos taken by Jan Cobert and Kristi Lippire and Erin Payne during the event.


Witty Witty and Urbane screen printing workshop: left to right Melissa Manfull, Intern Julie Anderson, curator
Kristi Lippire Witty Witty and Urbane Screen Printing: left to right artist Melissa Manfull, curator Kristi Lippire, Charlotte Chamberlain, Linda Maggard, Intern Julie Anderson

Starting at the FOCA exhibition space in Chinatown, Melissa Manfull helped participants print their own silk screened map of the day’s events and of other points of interest in North-East Los Angeles.

Read Erin Payne’s blog of her Witty and Urbane afternoon of helping participants create floating seed bombs along the Los Angeles River at Erin Payne Witty and Urbane. Participants  added messages to the native River plant seeds bombs before rolling them down the embankment to the river below where they floated down stream.  As Erin wrote in her blog, \”About half the participants stayed at the top of the embankment and rolled their bombs down. The other half braved the steep concrete hill and made their way to the river’s edge. Some people gently placed their bombs in the river, while others lobbed them in. With each bombing, there were cheers of victory and a lot of laughter.\”

Gently Gently rolling a seed bomb into the Los Angeles River Participants Participants select seeds for their bombs

Susan Logoreci showed  visitors how to use their own cell phones to take personal aerial photographs in Lincoln Park.

Susan Susan Logoreci launching helium balloons and mobile phones for aerial phtography

Dana Maiden set up her photo-sculpture Think Tank in El Sereno where for the same price as a bag of fruit participants received a bag of chopped up photographs, which they used to create a collaborative collage.

Dana Dana Maiden: beside her photo-sculpture Think Tank

Kristi Lippire  hosted an open studio and post-event reception at the former  El Sereno post office. Visitors were welcomed to both her space and the work spaces of her colleagues, Lynne Berman, Deborah Aschheim, Alise Spinella and Carrie Ungerman.

  • Melissa Manfull map printing workshop at FOCA 970 N Broadway, Suite 208,  11am – 1pm
  • Erin Payne workshop at the LA River, Marsh Street Nature Park,  12pm – 2pm
  • Susan Logoreci, Aerial photography with cellphones at Lincoln Park,  1pm – 3pm
  • Dana Maiden, Fruit Cart in El Sereno 4822 South Huntington,  2pm – 4 pm
  • Kristi Lippire, open studio and ending reception, 3316 Eastern Ave, El Sereno,  4pm – 7pm

Curators Lab Exhibition

Witty and Urbane

May 9, 2015 - July 10, 2015
Artist: Kristi Lippire, Susan Logoreci, Melissa Manfull, Dana Maiden, Erin Payne
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