In addition to accomplishing our Mission through our philanthropic programs, we offer our members diverse educational and social events:

  • National and International Travel
    Multiple national and international trips that focus on contemporary art events, including biennials and fairs, artists’ studios, galleries, art centers, museums, and private collections.
  • Local Tours
    Visits to artists’ studios, galleries, private and public collections, other art venues and museums, which include discussions with artists and curators.
  • Art Conversations (formerly Sunday Salons)
    is a unique program that provides informal, behind-the scenes conversations for members to explore and expand on topics with curators, gallerists, artists, and advisors, among others It provides for informal dialogue in intimate settings such as members’ homes.
  • Special Events
    Annual Membership Gala and Summer Party.

All activities are organized by FOCA’s dynamic and engaged Board members who are volunteers.

For more information or to become a member, please email:

Fellows of Contemporary Art is a 501c(3) status non-profit organization.

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