Hadley Holliday; 2013 Curators Lab Co-Curator at ACME

Hadley Holliday, co-curator and exhibitor in FOCA’s 2013 Curators Lab “Garden Party” has a solo show at ACME gallery (2939 Denby Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90039).
The title of the show is All the Flowers and runs from April 1 – May 6, 2017. There is a reception on Saturday, April 1, from 3PM – 6PM.


Leah Ollman reviewed the show stating part, \”Hadley Holliday’s cyanotypes at Acme gallery must have Anna Atkins not turning but dancing in her grave, reveling in the beauty and ingenuity her legacy has wrought. Atkins pioneered use of the cyanotype process to make photograms of botanical specimens in the 1850s. Her work’s power lies in its heart-stopping purity, the simplicity of pale silhouettes of algae, ferns and flowering plants floating within blue. Each of her images reflects the scale of its subject, scientific truth plus the haunting magic of a phantasm.\”

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