Daniel Joseph Martinez: FOCA Fellow 2010 at LACMA BCAM3


June 11, 2017–October 15, 2017
LACMA  BCAM Third Floor

According to LACMA’s wall text, Martinez’s large sculptures feature 3-dimensional representations of 22 settlements in the West Bank that were modeled on planned communities developed in Irvine, CA.  Martinez examines housing developments as a form of state-sponsored residential segregation, demonstrating how the subtle exclusion implied by gated communities is amplified when these structures are transposed to a militarized zone.

LACMA’s website states, Home—So Different, So Appealing: Art from the Americas since 1957  features U.S. Latino and Latin American artists from the late 1950s to the present who have used the deceptively simple idea of \”home\” as a powerful lens through which to view the profound socioeconomic and political transformations in the hemisphere. Home—So Different, So Appealing features approximately 100 artworks by 40 Latino and Latin American artists. This expansive exhibition will include painting, sculpture, installation, performance, photography, film/video, and public sculpture by U.S. artists from the largest historic Latino groups—of Mexican, Puerto Rican, and Cuban origin—plus artists from Argentina, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela, and Uruguay, among other countries. Included in the exhibition are works by internationally recognized artists Antonio Berni, Abraham Cruzvillegas, Leon Ferrari, Beatriz González, Felix González-Torres, Guillermo Kuitca, Daniel Martinez, Gordon Matta-Clark, Amalia Mesa-Bains, Raphael Montañez Ortiz, and Doris Salcedo, as well as emerging and established Los Angeles-based artists Laura Aguilar, Carmen Argote, Christina Fernandez, Ramiro Gomez, Salomón Huerta, and Camilo Ontiveros.

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