Lesley Vance, 2015 FOCA Fellowship winner, at David Kordansky

Lesley Vance, winner of a 2015 FOCA Fellowship, is the featured artist in an exhibition of new work, 12 Paintings, at the David Kordansky Gallery in Los Angeles from May 19 to July 1, 2017. An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 19 from 6-8 PM.

As stated in the press release:

For Lesley Vance, each painting becomes a means to discover and develop an invented image that, in the end, has the presence of fact. Rather than analyzing an existing object or scene and extrapolating into realms of pure form, Vance transforms improvised marks into pictorial, sculptural-seeming bodies. Something that occurs quickly, without premeditation, is patiently given the opportunity to solidify as a complete idea, a process that speaks to the mind’s capacity to subsequently make sense of sudden events, as well as the ways in which memories, products of the present as much the past, are molded from moment to moment.

For this exhibition Vance will present twelve new paintings that share the same dimensions and vertical format, allowing for a particularly nuanced experience of their interior shapes and bold, primary hues. Several of the paintings are characterized by the presence of swirling dark passages that snake through and around other forms. An expanded emotional range comes through in these new works: Vance’s virtuoso command of paint has begun to communicate not only enigmatic grace, but also curious humor, especially when she plays with the viewer’s experience of space and depth, weaving together foreground and background as if they were overlapping layers in a collage.

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