Flight Patterns

November 12, 1999 - February 11, 2000
Museum of Contemporary Art at the Geffen

In the wake of several exhibitions exploring the history of surrealist inspired work in California and exhibitions such as Proof which highlighted the history of the documentary image in California, Flight Patterns investigates contemporary artists of the Pacific Rim whose work addresses the specific topographic condition and experience of living in this geographically and geopolitically dynamic region. The exhibition follows a tradition of investigations into the history of representation of the landscape of the west as the exotic frontier. Focussing primarily on Los Angeles and California based artists, or artists who have made significant bodies of work in this region, the exhibition also includes artists from the countries of Australia, New Zealand, Korea, and Thailand. Highlighting the diversity of approaches – formal photographic treatments of the landscape, conceptually based works which mine the territory of the region’s rich cultural history and works which strategically address the changing condition of life in one of the most environmentally charged areas on the planet – the exhibition includes both new works by emerging artists as well as significant works by more established artists whose work has historically addressed the themes.



Flight Patterns

January 1, 2001
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