Eleanor Antin

May 23, 1999 - August 23, 1999
Los Angeles County Museum of Art
Los Angeles, CA

Eleanor Antin is a member of the first generation of American feminist artists to emerge in the 1960s and is also one of the pioneering “intermedia? artists. Over the three decades of her career, Antin has produced numerous highly acclaimed series of postcard art, photographic narratives, literary works, performances, videotapes, short and feature-length movies, and what she calls “filmic installations? – theatrical stage sets that can be entered and explored and in which are embedded films, usually rear-screen projections, where stories unfold. Antin has had literally dozens of solo exhibitions in both museums and commercial galleries and has been included in countless group exhibitions; curiously there has not been a survey of her art in all its inventive forms. Now, as critics, curators, and art historians begin to reassess the achievements of the “post-modern? era that began with conceptual art, it is appropriate for an in-depth examination of the art of Eleanor Antin, one of the period’s early innovators and veteran practitioners. This exhibition brought together for the first time all of Antin’s major works, many of which are multi-part and multi-media.



Eleanor Antin

January 1, 1999
Artist Eleanor Antin
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